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  1. Impalpable Intentions

    In-between the constitution of a singular voice and at the same time, the protection of its plurality to preserve differentiation, the paradox where the European project relies, it’s being at stake through the different ideologies and manifestations that derive from the current political and economic conjuncture. The economic and migratory crises have destabilized the present perspective of how European communities operate in the realm of the participation and reception of the other. How can we work within this communities for a social and performative transformation and what’s the role that artists take on this collective construction process?

    The project Impalpable Intentions focus on the notions of immateriality and common imagination that are produced within a temporary collective. Being on the threshold between participation and contemplation, inclusion and exclusion, we are interested in raising questions on the public domain, specifically, in how do we reinvent the performative and social space shared with an audience. How it is built from the perspectives and protocols that allow inclusion of the audience in a common space with performers. Thus, a series of situations are proposed by the performers where they address their practice to the audience through actions of invitation, recognition, provocation, intimidation and other intentional approaches. From spatial and gestural interventions, performers index relationships with objects, people and abstractions and work on the various performativities produced by their own kind of gestures that can be functional, expressive, touching or sensitive. To process all these situations in a physical practice, we will frame it within the methodologies of Robert Bresson’s Cinema in which the gestures are canceled with the an interpretive attitude towards a mechanical and unreflect quality.


    Choreography | Jorge Gonçalves
    Performance | Carminda Soares, Maria Soares, Melissa Sousa, Renann Fontoura
    Technical Direction | Daniel Oliveira
    Photography | Miguel Refresco
    Design & Artwork | Jani Nummela
    Documentation | Rogério Nuno Costa
    Production | Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte


    Première 13 & 14 April 2019, Old Church of São João de Ver, Santa Maria da Feira (PT)