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  1. A hand that plucks a sentence from within

    Working in dance, sometimes, involves the study of silencing gesture practices to revive ways of being in the world. In order to make these gestures visible, it is necessary to re-externalize interiorization processes. In this tenuous process of letting out what is inside, there is a whole world that is updating and imploding as a backdrop to the statement: No more than this.


    Concept and Choreography Jorge Gonçalves

    Performance Afonso Cunha, Ana Filipa Sousa, Ana Francisca Vieira, Ana Rita Silva, Andreia Alpuim, Ândria Gonçalves, Bárbara Sequeira, Beatriz Machado, Beatriz Martins, Bruno Santos, Catarina Teixeira, Filipa Duarte, Gabriela Barros, José Meireles, Katycilanne Reis, Luana Andrade, Márcio Duarte, Maria Inês Portela, Paulo Faria, Raquel Santos, Renata Calado, Rui Machado e Sara Barbosa

    Technical Assistance Matu

    Production balleteatro

    Executive Production Tiago oliveira


    Première 31 May & 1 June 2014, Fundação de Serralves, Porto (PT)