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  1. Antoine

    “Antoine may be anyone, on e of us, one that is absent, … A prosaic figure without being enunciated as real or illusory, it’s transported to the space that this duet evokes. “

    The questions in Antoine are raised in the domain of movement perception strategies and in what they involve for sustaining the presence of the body in the presentation space. Thought for a space disposal around the public, this piece is constructed on confronting place concepts for each body through an installation of minimum and contained forces for the purpose of opening implosive spaces that can provoke an active look on the spectator.

    Within a minimal, hypnotic and seductive approach, proposals are being formalized by the acting at surface. On this sense, we have the possibility of questioning the objective nature of situations that confronts or privileges the duet itself. Operating in an abstraction layer, story evidences can emerge but these only appear as a product of distraction, as fruit of dialogue between the two performers and their senses of humor.


    Choreography and Performance Jorge Gonçalves and Ludger Lamers

    Light Design Pedro Fonseca

    Video António Caramelo

    Production MEZZANINE

    Photography Alexandre Martins

    Artistic Residencie Support DeVIR CAPa (Faro), PerFormas (Aveiro), Primeiro Andar – associação cultural e Teatro do Frio – pesquisa teatral do norte (Porto).

    Thanks Audiência Zero, Bolos Quentes Design, Circolando, Piso, Strange Loops and Tanzfabrik (Berlin)



    29 April 2010
    Performas, Aveiro (PT)

    3 September 2009
    DeVIR CAPa, Faro (PT)

    11 July 2009, Première
    Tanzfabrik Berlin (DE)