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  1. Peripheral complexes and the intimacy of a geometry

    Performers work in affective states within pre-defined structures of space and time that are intensified by fictional propositions that lie between celebrations and manifestations. From the most demanding choreographically, ranging from the hypnotic and visual detail, to the most emancipated and archaic where the cry of force is admissible and has no form. From the physicality of gesture to emotionality, we are interested to develop in this process different states of affection for the images produced in real time. These will be worked in suspension, pause or duration and on stage and the images will appear as if they didn't know how to exist.


    Concept and Choreography Jorge Gonçalves

    chapter 1 – the manifestation, with Adriana Ribeiro, Ana Gomes, Ana Carvalho, Beatriz Sá, Bruna Matos, Joana Afonso, Maria Borges, Maria Santos, Nádia Pais, Patrícia Silva, Rafael Castro and Tatiana Ribeiro [Dance Students from the 2nd year of  Balleteatro]

    chapter 2– the celebration, with Ana Moreira, Ana Campos, Ana Nunes, Catarina Cardoso, Diana Oliveira, Francisca Narciso, Haidé Ribeiro, João Teixeira, Juliana Gomes, Mafalda Leal, Márcio Sousa, Maria Campos and Marta Oliveira.  [Dance Students from the 2nd year of  Balleteatro]


    Première 22 & 23 February 2019, Teatro Helena Sá e Costa, Porto (PT)