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  1. The Part

    22nd to 26th April, 2010


    Mezzanine invited Antonija Livingstone (Canadian choreographer and performer) to present the solo "The Part" in Serralves Auditorium on April 24. In this context, in addition to her special participation in Quintas de Leitura, in the Teatro do Campo Alegre, April 22, she gave a workshop in Serralves Auditorium on 26 April. This event was produced by Obra Madrasta.

    22 April, 22h || Quintas de Leitura, Auditório do Teatro do Campo Alegre
    Special Participation of Antonija Livingstone.

    24 April, 22h || Solo ‘The Part’, Auditório de Serralves

    "As has often been commented upon, social roles and performative ‘roles’ share many of the same traits and fascinations. There are ways you behave at work and ways you behave at a party, just as there are ways you behave in ballet and ways you behave in conceptual dance. In The Part such roles are little more than material for free and anarchic play: inhabited, questioned, transgressed and emptied of meaning, slyly re-packed with new meanings and unexpected (queer) sexual energies, continuously intertwined and blurred, forming a mix-and-match world of both cliché and startling originality." 

    Jacob Wren

    Choreography and Performance Antonija Livingstone
    Sound, Light, Scenographic and Costume Design Antonija Livingstone
    Technical Direction Alexandre Pilon-Guay
    Dramaturge tournee 2010 Wilson Blakely
    Production Kris Nelson / antonym inc / Montreal, Qc.
    Originally created with the support of Les Bains Brussels. Be. Hedvigsdal, Se.
    Canada Council for the Arts and Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec.
    With special thanks to Heather Kravas, Marie-Andree Gougeon,Benoit Lachambre, Meg Stuart, and Vera Mantero.

    26 April, 10h – 17h || Workshop Blood and Guts | Peace and Quiet, Auditório de Serralves

    This workshop will operate as an introduction to personalized
    practices for opening the body and the imagination into its potentials
    for solo performance inquiry. Multi-disciplinary practices will be
    used for body/mind preparation for applications to
    spatialization/installation/choreography, and relation to
    witness/spectator. The workshop is open to Dance, Theatre and
    Performance professionals and advanced students and any body curious
    to move to see into their Blood and Guts/Peace and Quiet for good


    Antonija Livingstone (1971) is an evolving interdiscilinary artist. She grew up in the midst of her family's itinerant gold mining projects in British Colombia and the Yukon, Canada. She was a student of and performer for E.xperimental D.ance A.nd M.usic with Peter Bingham, and her most influential mentor Choreographer/Bodymind Centering practicioner Jennifer Mascall, in Vancouver in the early 1990's before moving to Montreal and Europe.She has collaborated and toured Europe extensively with choreographers Benoit Lachambre, (Confort et Complaissance, Not to Know, Bodyscan), Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, (Visitors Only, Auf den Tisch, Somewhere in between),Vera Mantero, (Connexive, Until the moment god is destroyed by the extreme excercise of bcauty). In Berlin she collaborated with Eszter Salamon,(Reproduction ) and Antonia Baehr (Stay in the Costume Stay in the Frame, Cat Calendar). Her practice as a choreographer is largely self-taught , taking root in the intersections of her experience with Classical Ballet, Contact Improvisation, Chinese Martial Arts, and performing as a Drag King in clubs and Queer contexts across Canada, in New York and Berlin in the 90's.

    She began to develop her own work through the support of Les Bains::Socio-Artistic Laboratory in Brussels between 2000-2004, resulting in her solo work The Part . From 2003-2008 she has collaborated with New York artist Heather Kravas in a process of choreographic conversation supported by Movement Research NYC, Canada Council for the Arts, Les Bains, Centre Choreographique de Franche-Compte a Belfort, France, and Le Quartz, Brest, France. From this collaboration was born - a situation for dancing 05, a changing and repeatable performance event in 4 episodes. Her collaboration with Paris based Choreographer Jennifer Lacey has rendered a pastoral ode to creative work Culture & Administration: 2009/10, for Festival Avignon, Impulstanz which continues to tour. At present she is based in Montreal, Quebec and maintains her studies to facilitate the Alexander Technique.